College Sage offers hourly assistance and package plans so that each family can tailor the Student’s college counseling support to their personal needs.  

Hourly assistance (2 hour minimum) is available to high school students and their parents for:

High School Planning

Strategic course selection throughout high school, extra-curricular ideas to match and enhance the Student passions, test preparation contacts and strategies, summer program ideas, senior thesis guidance, college admissions timeline and guidance. 

Finding the College Match 

Researching the best programs and schools to fit the Student's interests, identifying appropriate matches, developing a personalized list of schools, college visit guidance, and interview preparation. 

College Essay Guidance

Winning essays require students to dig deep. College Sage will help the Student analyze from within and learn tips for brainstorming, organizing and editing essays. The Student will learn to create engaging and meaningful essay topics and essays. 

Financial Aid Advice and Assistance

College Sage provides CSS and FAFSA advice and assistance, scholarship recommendations, financial aid package comparisons, and return on investment analysis.

Crossing T's and Dotting I's 

Even with years of hard work and dedication to the time-consuming college application process, most students still find that something falls through the cracks. At College Sage we aim to catch those pesky resume, essay, and application errors. 

Making the Decision

College decisions can be exciting, disappointing, and very likely overwhelming. College Sage helps to analyze responses from colleges, assists with final decisions about enrollment, and makes the process from start to finish an enjoyable journey. 

College Sage offers College Counseling Packages to maximize value and efficiency:

Comprehensive Plan

(Consultation may begin as early as Freshman year) 

  • Meeting with the Student to discover their interests and talents
  • Planning academic course schedules and suggesting summer opportunities
  • Building, organizing, and enhancing a meaningful extracurricular list
  • Planning standardized test schedule and strategies
  • Identifying colleges that are appropriate matches for the Student
  • Developing a personalized list of schools
  • Preparing for college visits and interviews
  • Guiding the application process and timetable
  • Brainstorming and editing essays
  • Reviewing applications prior to submission
  • Helping analyze responses from the colleges
  • Assisting with final matriculation decisions    

Creating the College List Plan

(Most appropriate for Sophomore and Junior Students)

Includes three one-on-one meetings with the Student, plus Consultant research time. 

  • Initial consultation to get to know the Student and determine their interests and goals, as well as reviewing the Student's academic and extracurricular background and test scores. 
  • Presentation and review of a list of 15-20 colleges, based on initial data and feedback from Student and Parents. 
  • Consultation to narrow the list to formulate a realistic college list for the Student.

Senior SOS Plan

(For senior students)

  • Guiding the application process and timetable.
  • Brainstorming and editing essays.
  • Review of applications prior to submission.
  • Helping analyze responses from colleges and assisting with final decisions about enrollment.
  • Answering questions and offering guidance throughout the Senior year application process.

Early High School Plan

(For Freshman or Sophomore Students) 

  • This package is targeted at freshmen and sophomores, and sessions have a 2 hour minimum. 
  • Get to know the Student, along with their Parents, in order to determine their interests and goals. 
  • Analysis of Student's educational history. 
  • Guidance regarding future high school curriculum selection. 
  • Research and assistance with planning summer and extracurricular activities. 
  • Discussion of standardized test preparation and scheduling. 

Pro Bono Counseling Plan

(For Students with Demonstrated Need)

All children deserve an opportunity to achieve their academic dreams! 

  • College Sage helps students of great financial need at no cost. 
  • Email College Sage for further information.